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About us

Our Promise

Regardless of their field of activities, our customers have found added value in the services of Green IT. Our customer list includes organisations from virtually any field, including state and municipal institutions.

Through providing our IT asset management service we pledge our customers:

All your ordered assets and services will be easily visible.

  • More time for your core business

    We help our customers focus on their core activities. By outsourcing computer management services you will gain valuable time, which you can use for developing your business and/or advancing your hobbies.
  • Significant cost efficiency

    We are certain that we can cut your IT asset management costs through providing various services: from mapping your needs to the disposal of equipment.
  • We prepare your software and equipment for work.

    We bring in equipment, purchase and install software.
  • Fast access to key business information

    We have put substantial efforts into developing the Green IT online asset management system. All your ordered assets and services will be easily visible.


We are a high value-added IT service provider that operates in the Eastern European market. We have 50 motivated specialists who generate an annual turnover of over 60 million euros.


By continuously creating added value for our existing and new customers, we improve their working environments while increasing the value of these companies.

About us

Green IT, established in 2006, is a rapidly growing Estonian capital-based IT company. Our home market today is the Baltic states. As of the end of 2012, our customers have entrusted us with more than 70,000 IT devices with a total value of over 10 million euros. Green IT has a total of 150 customers both from the private and public sectors.

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Within past 10 years Green IT has grown to market leader. Today we have 16 employees, who are professionals and looking to customers only the best solutions and offering only certified quality devices.

We are top level partners to leading technology companies, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Dell, Cisco.


Environmental policy

Green IT deals with the management of IT equipment and organising the recovery and disposal of used equipment. The aim of our environmental policy is to save the environment that surrounds us. We base our decisions on environmental values.

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We reuse equipment’s packages, to reduce waste.

If possible we prolong devices usage to maximum, even only by components, to use equipment as long as possible.

At the end we scrap devices through our partner Weerec Ltd and their main set matches with ours: cleaner surrounding – better life environment to all of us!


Our practices

Our aim is conduct our business responsibly.

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Here you can find the important guidelines approved by our owners and followed by our company

Responsible Business Conduct
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Anti-Bribery and Corruption
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Sponsorship and Donations
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Customer Privacy
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Freedom of expression in the field of telecommunications
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Responsible Procurement
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Occupational Health and Safety
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Environmental responsibility
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Quality Management
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Principles of action in Estonia for safer mobile use by children and young people
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Electromagnetic Field
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Erik Ellam


phone. +372 6 181 695
mob. +372 523 4567
e-mail: erik.ellam(at)

Mart Laanemägi

B2B device sales and financing area manager

mob. +372 517 0111
e-mail: mart.laanemagi(at)

Lennart Leht

Sales manager

phone +372 6 181 691
mob. +372 503 1647
e-mail: lennart.leht(at)

Minni Valdmees

Sales manager

phone. +372 6 181 690
mob. +372 5561 6327
e-mail: minni.valdmees(at)

Mehis Raam

Sales manager

phone. +372 6 181 690
mob. +372 5883 8685
e-mail: mehis.raam(at)

Mikk Tuisk

Remarketing manager

phone +372 6 181 692
mob. +372 5551 2153
e-mail: mikk.tuisk(at)

Mihkel Nanits

Solutions sales manager

mob. +372 5568 9622
e-mail: mihkel.nanits(at)

Kairi Mäits

Solutions sales manager

mob. +372 5669 2540
e-mail: kairi.maits(at)

Tarvo Trull

Solutions sales manager

mob. +372 528 0200
e-mail: tarvo.trull(at)

Andres Aljaste

Solutions sales manager

mob. +372 517 9888
e-mail: andres.aljaste(at)

Diana Rõõmussaar

Office manager

phone +372 6 181 699
mob. +372 56 697 746
e-mail: diana.roomussaar(at)

Helen Jaakson

Office manager

phone +372 6 181 693
mob. +372 55 31 233
e-mail: helen.jaakson(at)

Marin Kornelt

Sales assistant

phone +372 6 181 696
mob. +372 5551 6602
e-mail: marin.kornelt(at)

Maris Kikas

Sales assistant

phone +372 6 181 690
mob. +372 515 9860
e-mail: maris.kikas(at)

Hanna-Emilia Tõnnori

Maternity leave

Reelika Piirsalu

Maternity leave

Diana Dubas

Maternity leave

Julia Trõskova

Maternity leave


Green IT customers act in various business areas. We have a total of over 150 business and public sector customers who have acquired over 70,000 individual IT devices from us. Here are some examples from our larger customers today.

Industry and Constructon

The desire of the sector to focus on its core business and to do it in the best possible way. Non-core services are preferred to purchase or outsource

Trade and Service

In the Trade and Service sectors urgently needed immediately to resume work when IT fails. IT is crucial for these businesses, as work must be able to continue despite the malfunctioning of IT systems.

Public sector

A computer park rental service allows the cost of an asset to fit into several budget years of the Public sector. It will help them to acquire a decent computer park. In addition, upon expiration of their devices usage, they will dismiss the assets easily without extra  work (secure data deletion and disposal).

What customers say about us


We have the largest networking partner in Baltic IT equipment financing. Our funding partners are large banking groups with long-term finance business experience.

  1. The asset itself is collateral, other assets of the company can be a guarantee of other liabilities.
  2. The cost of the device is evenly distributed over the entire life cycle of the device, allowing faster cost-benefit.
  3. As a rule, the use of a device can be started without self-financing – own resources can be directed to the development of the company


We are also partners with world biggest equipment vendors, therefore we can ensure high quality of equipment and best quotation to our customers.